Transmission64 2021 Fall Edition (C64 online demo party)

With the blessing of the famous & fabulous X-organizers, we’ll be back on December 4th, 2021. Details to follow, but save the date.

While we cannot replace a real x-party experience, we’re sure hoping to provide more than a band-aid to help you spend the weekend with sceners and demos online.

Brought to you by Atlantis and Padua. We appreciate your interest and support, as cheesy as it may sound, we really do.

Featuring the following compos (for the Commodore 64)

  • Demo Compo
  • 4k Compo
  • Music
  • Graphics

…. and some surprises.

The deadline for all compos will be on Dec 3rd, 2021, 24 hours before the start of the party.

Stay tuned for updates 🙂 And check out our blog for the latest.

Join us:

In the meantime, make sure to visit and watch

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Thanks to Sander/Focus for the superb logo.

A big thank you to YOU, for supporting, attending and contributing to this event for the scene.