Competitions & Rules

Transmission 64 will feature the following competitions:

  • Demo Compo
  • 4k Compo
  • Music
  • Graphics

Register with our partymeister instance to vote/submit entries.

General Rules:

  • Your entries must be submitted in .d64 or .prg format before the deadline.
  • Your entries may not have been released earlier as a whole or in part.
  • Your entries have to be free from third-party rights.
  • The entry must be launchable using basic RUN.
  • One entry per person (graphics, music, PETSCII) or group (Demo, 4k Demo).
  • Releases must be runnable on a stock c64 without expansions.
  • Racism, child pornography and any kind of content that violates EU, UK or Canadian law will be disqualified.
  • The organizers have the right to not show entries for their entire length, to preselect or to reject entries.
  • All releases will be made public after the party.
  • Please provide useful information, such as SID type (6581/8580) and runtime with your submission.

Compo Hardware:

  • C64 with single SID (Please state which SID chip (6581/8580) to use)
  • Ultimate 1541II+ and Retro Replay


  • Maximum running time: 15 minutes including loading/pre-calculation.

4K Demo:

  • The maximum size is 4096 bytes in memory before starting the program.
  • Maximum running time: 8 minutes including loading/pre-calculation.

Graphics (non-PETSCII):

  • No scrolling pictures
  • No animations
  • Include 4 work stages – these do not have to be executable, please provide info on which viewer to use to check them.  Work stages may or may not be shown.
  • Any music present while displaying the picture will not be played.


  • Maximum running time: 4 minutes.
  • The entry may not loop and must end with silence.
  • Please state which SID chip to use (6581/8580).
  • Screen contents will not be displayed.


  • No scrolling pictures.
  • No animations.
  • No colour-changes.
  • No additional code/sprite overlays.
  • Any music present while displaying the PETSCII image will not be played.